Nelson Mandela International Essay Competition

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'What should African armed forces in the 21st century look like?'

African Union troops

Some themes to address might include: The future threats African militaries are likely to face and the capabilities that will be needed to combat them; the changes that are required in terms of their current force structures; the efficacy of external assistance in this process; the main challenges to civil-military relations in Africa; the prospects for success of the proposed African Standby Force, and African peacekeeping in general.

First Prize: £1,500

This exciting competition is established jointly by RUSI and the Brenthurst Foundation, a Johannesburg based think tank devoted to strengthening Africa’s economic performance, with the generous support of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, and aims to encourage fresh and innovative perspectives on African security and development.

The winning essay for 2006 is available for download on the right.

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