Military Sciences Conferences 2021

Miliaaatary and defence leaders from around the world turn to RUSI for thought leadership. In 2021, the Institute’s Military Sciences research group will continue to set the agenda: be part of the conversation at their conferences.

2021 Conference Agenda

Space Command
28 January 2021

In partnership with Space CommandAimed at a military and defence audience beyond the space community, this conference will outline the proposed function of UK Space Command and examine its place within UK and international defence

Sea Power
25 February 2021

Stakeholders from government, the military, academia and industry will examine the ways in which navies can contribute to whole of state efforts to deliver effects in persistent sub threshold competition. 

Combat Air Power
24 March 2021

Evolving peer threats, new budgetary pressures and national industrial imperatives are fuelling fierce competition. This online conference will examine the key next-generation combat air approaches including Tempest, FCAS/SCAF and NGAD.

UK Strategic Command
April 2021

In partnership with UK Strategic CommandMulti-Domain Integration is the main effort for UK Strategic Command in 2021, operationalising the UK’s Integrated Operating Concept, and making it real for the fighting arms of the British military

Global Prompt Strike
13-14 May 2021

The conference will examine the use of precision strike assets both as independent strategic tools and within the context of Multi- Domain Operations. 

UN Peacekeeping
27 May 2021

In partnership with UN NGOs
Practitioners and leading thinkers will consider how peacekeeping is undertaken by UN forces, how they are governed, and whether change is needed in the future.

Land Warfare
2 June 2021

In partnership with the British Army
For over a decade, this conference has become the UK’s pre-eminent gathering of the land forces community. This year the conference will discuss how land forces are adapting to fight into the 2030s.Sponsorship amendments may be required for this event.

Sponsorship Packages

Gold Sponsorship

  • All Bronze and Silver benefits
  • Access to attendee lists
  • Potential speaking opportunities (where programme and partnering agreements allow)
  • Three dinner spaces (where conducted)
  • Unlimited delegate spaces
  • Private meeting with selected senior guests at the conference
  • Showcase and advertise corporate material into the e-publication of conference material for distribution to all registered delegates

£10,000 per conference

Silver Sponsorship

  • All Bronze benefits
  • Access to attendee lists
  • One VIP dinner space (where conducted)
  • SilverSession sponsorship
  • Access to green rooms, panel member sessions, and private sidebar event on topic of sponsors choice (facilitated by RUSI)

£6,000 per conference

Bronze Sponsorship

  • Recognition on conference branding (digital and print)
  • 10 delegate places (virtual)
  • Verbal acknowledgement by RUSI during event

£3,000 per conference

  • Further information

    • Until March 2021, all conferences will be virtual. Thereafter, and subject to government guidelines, we are planning on hosting blended events so that delegates can attend in person or virtually.
    • Sponsors of RUSI’s Martial Power programme are automatically assigned GOLD level sponsorship benefits at every conference.

    For further details contact Peppi Vaananen,

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