Looking Ahead for 2020

UK Defence

Can the forthcoming UK Strategic Defence and Security Review keep up with the ever-changing challenges facing Britain, as well as rapid technological advances?


What will Brexit mean for European and Transatlantic security?

Climate Change

Do the defence and security communities understand the implications of climate change?


How will we harness the opportunities and mitigate the risks posed by new technologies and the growth of Artificial Intelligence?

Financial and Organised Crime

How will governments and the private sector tackle illicit finance that threatens security and society?

Changing Nature of Conflict Terrorism

How should policymakers respond to the shifting threats posed by both Islamist and Far-Right extremists?

There has seldom been a time of greater challenge and opportunity due to the pace of change and the increasingly complex nature of the issues we face.

At RUSI we will inform debates, collaborate with governmental and non-governmental partners, communicate, listen and learn. 

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