Future Defence Review

In advance of a future review of defence in 2010, RUSI identified the important areas of defence policy that must be addressed in light of the changing character of twenty-first century warfare, military utility, and reduced government spending in the future.

Number 1
Preparing for the Lean Years
How will British defence spending fare in an age of austerity?
By Malcolm Chalmers

Number 2
A Force for Honour
Military Strategic Options for the United Kingdom
By Michael Codner

Number 3
Multilateral Approaches to Security
Choices for defence
By Andrew Rathmell

Number 4
Jointery and the Emerging Defence Review
By Trevor Taylor

Number 5
Capability Cost Trends: Implications for the Defence Review
By Malcolm Chalmers

Number 6
The Defence Review: Capability Questions for the New Government
By Michael Codner

Number 7
A Question of Balance? The Deficit and Defence Priorities
By Malcolm Chalmers

Number 8
Entente or Oblivion: The Prospects and Pitfalls of Franco-British Co-operation on Defence
By Etienne de Durand

Number 9
Unbalancing the Force? Prospects for UK Defence after the SDSR
By Malcolm Chalmers


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