In focus: The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

SCO_logo.JPGIn recent months commentators in the West have drawn attention to the future strategic role of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. While some play down the significance of the organisation, others suspect it will become an anti-US bloc spanning Central Asia with its roots in Russia and China.

The SCO in its present form is a far throw from its seminal stages and its growing political and economic weight certainly demands debate, not least due to energy security concerns.

The links below are a selection of articles examining the background and future role of the SCO.

The EU should not ignore the Shanghai co-operation organisation

By Oksana Antonenko

Who's afraid of the SCO?

By Henry Plater Zyberk

Russia's drive to the East ("Drang nach Osten")

By J. Larry Black

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: is it undermining U.S. interests in Central Asia?

Unofficial transcript of United States Helsinki Commission hearing, September 26, 2006

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