Dr Comfort Ero, Shashank Joshi and Matthew Kirk join RUSI's Advisory Board

RUSI’s Advisory Board provides advice to the Director-General on the overall strategic direction of the Institute. Members of the Advisory Board are also often called upon to contribute in other ways, relevant to their expertise and experience.

Dr Karin von Hippel, Director-General, RUSI commented, ‘Comfort, Shashank and Matthew all bring unique skill sets and significant expertise to RUSI. We are thrilled they agreed to join our Advisory Board, and I’m looking forward to working with all of them over the coming years’.

Sir David Lidington, Chair, RUSI added, ‘The addition of these three excellent members to our Advisory Board will greatly enhance RUSI’s work. Dr Ero is a leading expert on African security and has vast networks across the African continent. Shashank Joshi is a leading journalist on global defence and security. And, as a former ambassador, Matthew Kirk has an extensive background in international affairs as well as deep experience from the private sector’.

Biographies for our three new Advisory Board members can be found here:

Dr Comfort Ero

Shashank Joshi

Matthew Kirk

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