Documents on British Foreign and Security Policy

This volume contains new and original data, charting the fundamental change of policies and foreign priorities in the UK since May 1997

An unrivalled reference source, documenting, in systematic fashion, the position of the British government on any security issue around the world, and the way this policy may have altered as circumstances and personalities changed.

This publication aims to provide a quick reference to the official British stance on any international security issue. It is not intended to reproduce entire documents which are available from other sources, but merely to highlight the relevant British position, and indicate sources for further reading. The fundamental rule adopted by the Editors was to include only documents which originated from public sources, and which represent the official British position at that time. Press commentary is only included if it provides an easy explanation of the background to a particular crisis, or if it highlights British action which was subsequently confirmed as accurate by the authorities. The main sources of information are the various debates and questions in parliament, press conferences, media interviews and press releases from various government departments. Occasionally, articles written by officials are also included, on the assumption that these would have been cleared for publication by Government ministers. Each document is closely edited, and the arrangement is by topics, rather than in a chronological order (although chronology is maintained within all chapters).

DBFSP is an indispensable source of information for anyone with an interest in Britain’s security policies. And, in conjunction with the first volume in the series, it provides a unique insight into the major political and military events of the past five years.

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