Defending Blair and the 'Special Relationship'

Being Tony Blair is not an easy task these days. As the Prime Minister wraps up his time in office, he is coming under fire for his decision to link British foreign policy so closely to the US. In particular, he steadfast support for the war in Iraq has made him the target of much malaise in the UK.

In response to a four page opinion piece published by Chatham House, Dr. Williams wrote to the Financial Times, to make the point that there is more to the UK-US 'special relationship' than just having the President's ear. Even though Tony Blair has not been paid back by Bush for his loyalty, he was right to try and curry favour in Washington. The British, more than anyone else, tend to get a warm reception in the US capitol which sometimes can lead to a great deal of influence on US foreign policy. Sometimes, however, such loyalty is not rewarded.

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