Debating Defence and Security at the General Election

General Election 2015In the weeks running up to the UK General Election, RUSI hosted a series of debates and contributions covering defence and security. Watch below contributions from the main parties and additional commentary.



Three main party presentations

Conservative Logo Labour Party Liberal Democrats
Michael Fallon presenting the Conservative Party view Vernon Coaker persenting the Labour Party view William Wallace presenting the Liberal Democrat Party view


Recent event

RUSI and Forces TV Election Defence Debate

Watch the debate between senior representatives of the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Scottish Nationalist and UK Independence Party.

In the RUSI Journal

UK General Election: Defence Perspectives

Conservative Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, Labour leader Ed Miliband and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg outline their proposals for defence.

In the RUSI Newsbrief

The 2015 UK Election: A False Sense of Security

Latest Analysis

Are the Conservatives the Sole Custodians of UK Defence?

Rising European Defence Budgets?

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