Canada and International Security in the Twenty-First Century

Canada and International Security in the Twenty-First Century

Research undertaken through a grant from the Government of Canada

During the second half of the twentieth century Canada skilfully used various international organizations to advance foreign policy. Ottawa has been a strong proponent of the rule of law, multilateral cooperation and the promotion of democratic values. Canada’s devotion to such values today should not be underestimated as Ottawa invested much in the twentieth century struggles for these values.

Today, Canada is once again supporting operations to ensure international security. Like most Western powers, the number of military deployments authorized by Ottawa skyrocketed in the post-Cold War era. Security is no longer simply predicated on defensive measures. September 11th and the resultant strings of terrorist attacks in Bali, Madrid and London has all brought home that fact.

In Afghanistan Canada provided the interim leadership during the expansion of NATO operations into southern Afghanistan. Canadian troops are engaged in some of the toughest locations in Afhganistan and are crucial to NATO efforts to clear the remaining Taliban out of Southern Afghanistan. This report, undertaken with the support of the Government of Canada, looks at Canada's role in the world dissecting the security and foreign policy challenges the country faces in the 21st century.

Please contact Dr. Michael Williams, Head of the Transatlantic Programme, to obtain a copy of this report.

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