Is the British government prosecuting war with a peacetime mentality?

Bill KincaidBill Kincaid, Editor of RUSI Defence Systems, presents a segment on the BBC's World Tonight expressing serious concerns over UK defence spending. He argues that the government are ‘prosecuting war with a peacetime mentality’. The UK government is failing to back up its extensive military commitments with much needed spending on supplies and equipment. Kincaid and his interviewees identified various failings in UK acquisition culture, including a lack of clear leadership and over-extended time frames.

The segment featured interviews with, amongst others, Brigadier Ed Butler and Sir Jeremy Blackham, former Deputy Chief of Defence Staff, MoD.

The views expressed in the report are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of RUSI.

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Dinosaurs spots smallChanging the Dinosaur's Spots: The Battle to Reform UK Defence Acquisition
By Bill Kincaid


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