The Brexit Debate

As the UK enters negotiations with the EU after the triggering of Article 50, RUSI will be developing policy options and hosting discussions in what is an exceptionally fluid period. 

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After Triggering Article 50:

And They’re Off: Britain Starts its Brexit Divorce Negotiations

After the Brexit Decision:

UK Foreign and Security Policy after Brexit

Can the UK Retain Global Influence After Brexit? Policies and Structures for a New Era

UK Independence Party May End up Regretting Departure from the EU

An EU HQ? Let Them At It

Slovakia, the Visegrad Group and Brexit: Charity Should Begin at Home

Brexit: The Lull Before the Storm

Brexit and the British Overseas Territories: Changing Perspectives on Security

The Ministry of Defence’s Post-Brexit Spending Power: Assumptions, Numbers, Calculations and Implications 

BREXIT: Strategic Consequences – A View from France

Britain and the EU: All Change, Please

Brexit and UK Defence: Put the Equipment Plan on Hold?

Gibraltar’s Brexit Challenge

What Kind of Foreign Policy and Security Posture should a Post-Brexit Britain Adopt?

VIDEO: What Next for the UK?

Brexit Decision: The UK Needs to Become the EU's New Best Friend

Negotiating Britain’s EU Departure: From Tears to Hard-Headed Calculations

Eastern Europe in the Long Shadow of Brexit

Before the referendum:

Britain’s EU Referendum: A View from Central Europe

An Opportunity to Cut Costs and Increase Effectiveness? The Potential Impact of Brexit on Financial Crime Compliance David Artingstall, RUSI Associate Fellow

Northern Ireland’s Delicate Peace Process at Risk Should the UK Leave the European Union Dr Edward Burke, University of Portsmouth

VIDEO:  Sir Simon Fraser, Former Permanent Under-Secretary of State and Head of the Diplomatic Service on the EU Referendum

VIDEO: Liam Fox on the case for leaving the European Union

PODCAST: Analysing the Brexit Debate

From the archives

Better In or Out? The Historical Background Professor Sir Michael Howard

The European Union is a Threat to Peace Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis MP

‘Who Only England Know’ Professor Christopher Coker, LSE

Heading for a Brexit? 
Introduction to the RUSI Journal's August 2013 feature exploring the future of European defence, from the perspective of Sweden, Poland and Germany, should the UK leave the European Union.

No One Left Behind: European Defence and Brexit 
Marcin Terlikowski, Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM).

Britain, the EU and the Future of Europe: A Geostrategic Perspective 
Professor Luis Simón, Institute for European Studies.

Britain, ‘Brexit’ and the Balkans 
Dr James Ker-Lindsay, LSE.

The UK, the EU and European Security: A German Perspective 
Dr Ronja Kempin, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), and Dr Jocelyn Mawdsley, Newcastle University.

A Dutch Nee that Bodes Ill for Europe 
Jonathan Eyal, RUSI Associate Director. 

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