2007 Annual General Meeting

The 175th Annual General Meeting of The Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies will be held at 16.00 on Thursday 26 April 2007 in the RUSI Library

RUSImotif“The General Meetings of Members and the Full Council shall have the entire direction and management of the concerns of the Institute, in the manner and subject to the terms laid down in the Charter of Incorporation”. (Bye-Laws, Chapter 2, Paragraph 1).

All members are invited to attend.

Any proposal to vary or revoke any existing Bye-Law or Resolution must be signed by the proposer and seconder.  (Bye-Laws, Chapter 2, Paragraph 5).


  1. The Chairman’s Address
  2. Financial Report
  3. First Resolution

    'That the Report and Accounts for 2006, as circulated, be taken as read and adopted'.
  4. Second Resolution

    'That Messrs PKF be re-appointed auditors for 2007.'
  5. Third Resolution

    'That nominations for the vacant seats on the Council be considered and elections made'.

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