UK Government’s Future UK AI Strategy

RUSI partnered with Wilton Park to convene a series of dialogues on the UK government’s future AI strategy.

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In collaboration with Wilton Park, RUSI ran a series of workshops on the UK government’s future AI strategy, which brought together senior officials from across Whitehall.

Project sponsors

This project was supported by GCHQ and the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI).

Main Image Credit Skorzewiak / Alamy Stock Photo

Project team

Alexander Babuta

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Ardi Janjeva

Former Research Fellow

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Nick Linfield, Programme Direct and Head of Policy, Wilton Park

Aims and objectives

The purpose of the discussion sessions was to work towards building a more coherent cross-government approach to AI policy development, bringing together policymakers, practitioners and technologists to discuss key AI policy questions.

The core objectives of the sessions were to share best practice and lessons learned among officials responsible for AI development and implementation across different policy areas; to understand how existing AI guidance frameworks could be consolidated to develop a single, cross-government strategy for the future of AI development, to be used across the public sector; and to identify how the UK might embrace AI in a way that improves resilience and contributes to a stable, secure and prosperous Euro-Atlantic world.

Project impact

The government has announce that a new plan to make the UK a global centre for the development, commercialisation and adoption of responsible AI will be published this year.

This discussion series is likely to have played a part in the timing and formulation of this new piece of work.

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