Policies and Procedures for Subcontractors

The following policies and procedures should be our abided by our staff and contractors.

RUSI is committed to conducting its activities following the strictest ethical standards. Given this, it holds not only its employees but all third parties, with whom the Institute engages, to the strictest ethical standards.

Contractors are required to familiarise themselves with these policies and procedures and ensure they meet the standards expressed within them. Failure to comply with the policies listed below may result in a breach of contract which could ultimately lead to its termination.

In case of any questions, contractors should contact the Risk and Compliance Manager at compliance@rusi.org.

Policies and Procedures

Authorized Generative AI Tools
Conflicts of Interest Policy
Counterterrorism Financing Policy
Cyber Security Requirements for Subcontractors
Data Protection Policy
Data Protection - Practical Guidance for Researchers and Subcontractors
Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Prevention Policy
Harassment and Bullying Policy
Modern Day Slavery Policy
Privacy Notice for Employees and Contractors
Research Integrity Policy
Safeguarding and SEAH Prevention Policy
Use of Generative AI Policy