Episode 24: When did everything become securitised?

Alice Billon-Galland explains to Peter Roberts what a forward-looking reflective exercise is for NATO and what this issues are between the Atlantic Alliance and the EU.

They get into why patchwork military structures have emerged in the last 5 years, and whether a single European vision of security and defence is even possible (whether meaningful or not). Fractured Euro-Atlantic? Still not quite sure. Great conversation from one of the best young minds around.

Western Way of War Podcast Series

A collection of discussions with those in the Profession of Arms that tries to understand the issues around how to fight, and succeed, against adversaries in the 2020s.  We pose the questions as whether a single Western Way of Warfare (how Western militaries fight) has been successful, whether it remains fit for task today, and how it might need to adapt in the future? It is complemented by the ‘Adversarial Studies’ project that looks at how adversaries fight.


Professor Peter Roberts

Senior Associate Fellow

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