Chandana Seshadri

Research Assistant Intern, Centre for Science and Security Studies, King’s College London

Military Sciences Rising Stars Mentee

Chandana Seshadri is a Research Assistant Intern at the Centre for Science and Security Studies, King’s College London.

She recently completed her Masters in International Relations at King’s College London and also holds a BA and an MA in Economics from Stella Maris College affiliated to the University of Madras in India. Prior to her Masters’, she worked as Research Associate and Editor at Synergia Foundation, a Bangalore based think tank, where she led the research team in planning, coordinating and editing research pieces, briefs and articles to create clear, accurate and insightful written content based on the foundation’s core standards. Her role further extended from conducting desk-based literature reviews on research projects to collaborating with senior management to organising events such as forums and international conferences with participation of industry experts and key stakeholders on core International Security agendas.

Her research interests include analysing real-world policy relevance in current conflicts and its influence on the intersection of technology and security. Primarily, on how technology has become a key driver and facilitator of present and future conflicts. She also has a keen interest in exploring the role of media, specifically social media on perceptions of legitimacy and their effects on domestic politics, peace process and the security linkages in the domain of South Asian Security.

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