Sergii Rybchenko

Associate Fellow


Sergii Rybchenko brings a wealth of expertise from a career that spans both public and private sectors. Beginning in Ukraine's intelligence and law enforcement agencies, Sergii garnered hands-on experience in preventing, detecting, and investigating serious and organised crimes. Transitioning to the financial sector, he further honed his knowledge and skills, particularly in economic and financial crimes from a business standpoint.

His further tenure with international organisations elevated his expertise to a strategic level within the civilian security sector. Notably, Sergii provided advisory support for the establishment of a new law enforcement agency specialising in economic, financial, and tax crime investigation. He also contributed to the development and subsequent implementation of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing legislation in Ukraine.

Continuously dedicated to capacity-building, Sergii has been a steadfast contributor, delivering comprehensive training programmes to law enforcement and legal practitioners throughout Ukraine.

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