Dr Gatra Priyandita

GP-RCB Work Stream co-lead for the Indo-Pacific


Dr Gatra Priyandita is an analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI). His research focuses on cyber politics in emerging economies, as well as foreign policy and security issues in Southeast Asia.

He is a political scientist by training, specialising in the intersections of comparative politics and International Relations in Southeast Asia. He holds nearly a decade of research experience, working extensively on projects researching Indonesian foreign policy, Southeast Asian security, and cyber politics. His analysis has appeared in multiple news outlets, academic journals, and think tank publications.

He is also currently a visiting fellow at the Australian National University’s Department of Political and Social Change. He was formerly the non-resident WSD-Handa fellow at the Pacific Forum, where he remains a part of its Young Leaders’ program. Gatra has also had past affiliations with the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, University of Indonesia, and Jinan University.

Gatra holds a PhD in Political Science and a Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Security (Honours), both from the Australian National University.

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