Aidan Larkin

Associate Fellow; Founder & CEO, Asset Reality


Aidan Larkin is an experienced asset recovery practitioner and international seized asset manager.

A former criminal investigator and someone who manages seized assets around the world, Aidan is fully aware of the practical challenges facing international asset recovery efforts (with only 1% of proceeds of crime estimated to be seized globally) and he co-founded Asset Reality to build a technology solution to deal with seized assets (including crypto assets) more effectively. He is passionate about arming law enforcement globally with the tools to investigate and recover illicit assets, particularly digital assets, which leads to better compensation for victims, funding of law enforcement and increasing revenue for civil society.

Additionally, Aidan acts as a United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime subject matter expert supporting countries across the globe. He is also a certified cryptocurrency investigator and visiting lecturer on seized assets for the International Anti-Corruption Academy in Vienna. He directly consults with Government Agencies and NFPs to improve legislation relating to Asset Recovery and regularly addresses law enforcement conferences & seminars ranging from EU commission assignments to international events and has directly supported international law enforcement activity in Anti-Corruption cases around the world, across multiple continents.

In 2019, he became the world’s first seized bitcoin auctioneer and in his spare time sits on the Board of Directors for various Fraud Forums in the UK and ‘Sport Changes Life’, a US/Irish charity that helps create opportunities for young people.

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