John Wright

Associate Fellow

John Wright is the solution manager for public safety and justice at information technology company Unisys.

This portfolio of security solutions includes Unisys’s comprehensive law enforcement investigative case management tool (U-Investigator), Justice Connect to share vital criminal justice information, Integrated Court Case Management, Computerized Criminal History Systems, Jail Management, a Public Safety telecommunications system for mission critical communications (LEMS/JX), and a Secure Image Management System (SIMS) preserving chains of custody of images captured at crime scenes.

Based in the UK, John joined Unisys from a highly successful career in law enforcement and national security. Most recently, as the UK counter-terrorism policing lead for information technology, he worked to develop a comprehensive, innovative and secure case management application to support information gathering, assessment, prioritization, analysis and action management.

In addition to leading technological change he was:

  • National lead for all aspects of policing relating to preventing terrorism and violent extremism with the UK, including the policing lead for the prime minister’s task force following the murder of Drummer Rigby at Woolwich, London. He was accountable for the development and coordination of strategy, policy and operation of Special Branch police officers across the UK
  • Strategic Counter-Terrorism lead for all aspects of Prevention, Engagement and Information Technology activity for the London 2012 Olympic Games
  • In charge of guiding UK policing through a period of significant change in mitigating and countering terrorism
  • Responsible for effective international relationships including with the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • Able to achieve substantial changes to counter-terrorism prevention strategies and delivery and the policing response to major Government review - for example, implemented intelligence capabilities in prisons
  • Tasked with a range of national security intelligence initiatives in counter-terrorism, general policing, national policing infrastructure, change program in covert methods and collaboration with the UK Security Intelligence Agencies
  • UK lead on developing the policing response to extremism and threats from the internet/cyber extremism, including the UK Internet Referral Unit
  • Responsible for delivering a secure communications and data infrastructure for counter-terrorism policing across the UK in collaboration with the UK Government
  • National police lead for developing and delivering intelligence gathering/assessment for national security operations in prisons and national security analysis.
  • Member of many UK national boards including CONTEST (UK Government Counter Terrorism Strategy) Prevent & Pursue Boards, Organised Crime Oversight Board, National Policing Intelligence Board and Terrorism & Allied Matters Business Area Board.

John has over thirty years of experience in law enforcement and is an internationally recognized authority in the prevention of terrorism and violent extremism. His insight, leadership and opinion is regularly sought by Government and commercial organizations the world over. He has spoken at over firty conferences nationally and internationally on counter-terrorism matters. 

John has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Sheffield University and is currently studying for a Master of Science degree in Organized Crime & Counter Terrorism at University College, London.