George is a Course Assistant at RUSI, helping with the co-ordination and delivery of Leadership Centre’s executive education courses for diplomats. He now splits his time between RUSI International and Organised Crime and Policing, where he contributes to research projects. George’s research interests include shipping and illicit trade in the Middle East and Africa.

Before joining RUSI, George studied for a BA in Spanish and Arabic at the University of Oxford. He spent his second year in Jordan and travelled to Lebanon and Palestine while there. His thesis investigated Arabic perspectives on the persecution and expulsion of the Moriscos, a Muslim minority in 16th century Spain.

After graduating, George travelled to Oman, the UAE and Saudi Arabia to learn more about Arabic culture and dialects. During this period, he travelled extensively in Pakistan, Turkey and the Caucasus, and can speak a little bit of Urdu, as well as Spanish and Arabic.


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