Dr. Tina Wilchen Christensen

Mentorship advisor


Dr Christensen is currently working as Mentorship advisor for RUSI’s program STRIVE II, which is focusing on preventing recruitment and radicalisation to violent extremist organisations in Kenya.  She is an expert on radicalisation, disengagement and exit processes. Her research examines ways into and especially out of violent militant groups with a particular focus on exit and the processes of developing an alternative identity than that of a violent extremist. Dr Tina Wilchen Christensen has a M.Phil in social anthropology from the University of Oslo, Norway and a Ph.D. from Roskilde University, Denmark.

Dr Tina Wilchen Christensen’s Ph.D. ‘A question of participation – Disengagement from the Extremist Right. A case study from Sweden’ is a qualitative investigation of an exit program, investigating the significance of social interaction and mentoring for former right-wing extremists in the process of leaving movements at the extreme right wing. Tina are the author of international popular scientific and scientific articles, books chapters and reports about ways into violent extremist groups, exit processes, cross-over and the reintegration of foreign fighters returning to countries in Northern Europe. Tina’s latest work is the chapter ‘When trust is essential - civil actors role in deradicalization and disengagement initiatives’ submitted for publication as part of Routledge’s Handbook of Deradicalization in the Routledge Military and Security Studies list.

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