Vice Admiral Patrick Chevallereau

Distinguished Fellow


Between 2015 and 2018, Vice Admiral Patrick Chevallereau was the Defence Attaché of France to the United Kingdom, the lead in-country representative and liaison for defence relations between the two countries. He advised, managed, and implemented bilateral relations between the two most significant militaries in Europe. In this position he served as the senior defence policy advisor to the French Ambassador to the UK.

Prior to his service in London, Vice Admiral Chevallereau served as Head of the Euro-Atlantic Division at France’s Joint HQ, working as the senior advisor to the French Chief of Defence for policy on NATO, EU and UN Peacekeeping Operations. In this position, he also advised and managed France’s bilateral military relations with over fifty countries.

Vice Admiral Chevallereau has a background in working with representatives across the French government and administration. Serving as the Deputy Secretary General for the Sea between 2011-2013, a position reporting to the French Prime Minister, he helped managed inter-ministerial cooperation and drive policy development for France’s maritime engagements. His responsibilities included oversight and policy direction of maritime issues in the economic, environmental, transport, security and border control domains, as well as crisis and disaster management in the second largest exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of any country.

Between 2005 and 2011, Vice Admiral Chevallereau served in various positions at NATO’s Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in the U.S., including as Head of the Concept Development Branch and Deputy to DACOS for Joint Experimentation, Exercises and Assessment. After returning to France as the Navy’s Deputy Director of Human Resources, he was called back to ACT to become Executive Assistant to NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Transformation at the time of France’s reintegration in the NATO military structure.

Vice Admiral Chevallereau has worked on multinational initiatives throughout the course of his career. After being charged with the Kosovo crisis portfolio at Joint HQ between 1998 and 2000, he was subsequently posted to the Ministry of Defence’s Directorate for Strategic Affairs, where he took charge of the NATO Defence Capabilities Initiative portfolio. He also dealt with NATO- and EU-related issues as the FYROM crisis developed in 2001. Later, he became head of the Directorate’s NATO office, before undertaking Senior Course 101 at the NATO Defence College in Rome.

As a naval aviation pilot, Admiral Chevallereau participated in multiple maritime surveillance and anti-submarine warfare Operations in the last years of the Cold War, took part in joint operations in Africa (Chad and Somalia) and the Balkans, and commanded the 21s Maritime Patrol Aviation Squadron based in Nîmes. He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1982.

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