Creon Butler

Director, Global Economy and Finance Programme, Chatham House

Transatlantic Response to Illicit Finance Taskforce Member

Creon Butler joined Chatham House from the Cabinet Office where he served as director for international economic affairs in the National Security Secretariat and G7/G20 ‘sous sherpa’, advising on global policy issues such as climate change, natural resource security, global health threats and the future of the international economic architecture.

Creon first joined the Cabinet Office in 2013 as director in the European and Global Issues Secretariat, advising the prime minister on international economic and financial issues, ranging from country-specific developments in China and Germany to global challenges such as antimicrobial resistance and anticorruption. He designed and organized the UK’s global Anti-Corruption Summit in May 2016.

Taskforce on a Transatlantic Response to Illicit Finance

TARIF aims to strengthen global democracy by identifying viable ways in which the UK and US can combine efforts in tackling illicit finance.