United Kingdom – Georgia Cyber Partnership Strengthens Georgian Cyber-Resilience

The resiliency of Georgia’s cyber ecosystem is being strengthened through RUSI’s role in the United Kingdom - Georgia Cyber Partnership (UKGCP).

The most recent activity in this three-year long programme has been a Cyber-Awareness Community Engagement Workshop held in Tbilisi on 22 December, where RUSI presented preliminary findings from research on “cybercrime and vulnerable groups”.

As well as panel discussions on threats in cyberspace with experts representing government and private organisations there were also more focused discussions with Georgian civil society. Dialogue with groups including teachers, parents, journalists and small and medium-sized businesses focused on understanding and protecting against the online threats they are facing.

RUSI’s insights and the results of the focus groups will help the programme grow. The next step will be a multimedia campaign to be delivered with the Digital Governance Agency of Georgia, which will raise awareness of the multiple types of cyber threats challenging Georgian society.

Funded by the UK Embassy’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, the project is a collaboration between RUSI and multiple partners including TAG International, BAE Systems, Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) and Georgian think-tank the Regional Institute for Security Studies (RISS).


Natia Seskuria

Associate Fellow; Founder and Executive Director of RISS

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