RUSI Launches High-Level Task Force Examining UK Sanctions Policy after Brexit

RUSI announces the launch of a high-level task-force to examine the future of UK sanctions policy after Brexit.

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Since the UK will have to introduce new sanctions policy after Brexit, the Task Force will consider if the UK will align its future policy with that of the EU’s, or the US, or use its newly-gained independence to design sanctions that are proactive tools of its foreign policy objectives.

The Task Force will consider a range of questions over several meetings in London and bring much-needed input to a debate that will shape UK sanctions policy for decades to come. Throughout the process the Task Force will publish recommendations on what UK sanctions policy should look like.

The Task Force comprises a wide range of perspectives: former officials, leading experts from academia, think tanks and charities, as well as senior sanctions executives from the private sector. Members include:

  • Che Sidanius, Global Head of Financial Regulatory & Industry Affairs, Refinitiv
  • Mary Katherine Brink, Manager, Global External Engagement, Philip Morris International
  • Professor Richard G Whitman, University of Kent
  • Dr Clara Portela, Academic, University of Valencia
  • Josh White, Director of Policy and Analysis, The Sentry
  • Dr Anna Bradshaw, Partner, Peters & Peters
  • Michael O'Kane, Senior Partner, Peters & Peters
  • Adam Smith, Partner, Gibson Dunn
  • Maya Lester QC, Brick Court Chambers
  • Helene Goodman, Europe & HBLO Head of Sanctions, HSBC Bank PLC
  • Chris Po Ba, Policy Manager, International Regulatory Risk, Lloyd's of London
  • James Rodgers, Director, Global Britain Programme, Henry Jackson Society
  • Ian Bond, Director of Foreign Policy, Centre for European Reform

The Task Force is organised by Tom Keatinge, Director of the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, Emil Dall and Isabella Chase

The Task Force will publish their final findings in 2020.

Read more about RUSI's work on sanctions here.


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