2017 Survey of Foreign Policy Elites

Researchers at the University of Exeter, in collaboration with RUSI, are conducting a survey among foreign policy and security elites in the United Kingdom. Members of RUSI and its extended network are invited to take part.



Your input will be invaluable in understanding how foreign policy elites and experts like you view international affairs and important matters facing the United Kingdom. Responses will be reported in aggregate; your individual answers will remain completely anonymous. Participation should take no more than 15 minutes and is completely voluntary, anonymous, and non-invasive.

To participate, please click on this link.

The project has been approved by the University of Exeter Ethics Committee and by the Ministry of Defence Ethics Committee (MODREC). If you have any further questions about this study, please contact the PI Dr. Catarina Thomson at c.p.thomson@exeter.ac.uk

Thank you very much for your time. Results will be presented at RUSI in September.



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