Libya’s premier under fire for reported role in normalisation with Israel

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Libyan Foreign Affairs


Libya’s internationally recognised prime minister has come under scrutiny for his reported role in attempting to normalise relations with Israel, analysts have said, with some calling for his dismissal. ... The dispute over the meeting has fed into Libya’s internal political crisis, giving further ammunition to Dbeibah’s internal critics at a moment when the future of his interim government was already in question. Jalel Harchaoui, an associate fellow specialising in Libya at the London-based Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, said Dbeibah “tried to play at diplomacy but failed because he did not evaluate correctly” the response of Libyans opposed to ties with Israel. Harchaoui also said the meeting was spurred by pressure on Libya from both the United Nations and the US to push ahead with much-delayed presidential and legislative elections.