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Webinar: The rise of Green Crime

In The News, 1 July 2020
Exploring wildlife trafficking, environmental crime and the impact on security and global supply chains. Green Crime – comprising wildlife and environmental crime – is estimated to be worth up to US$258 billion a year. It is one of the top five most lucrative illicit activities after illegal drugs, human and weapons trafficking. Individuals and organisations on the front line fighting against financial crime have seen an increase in Green Crime. These criminal activities impact local communities, many of which are among the most vulnerable and poorest in the world. They threaten our wildlife, affect business supply chains and pose a danger to security and stability across the globe.

In The News

Alexandria Reid
Research Fellow, National Security and Resilience

Alexandria Reid is a Research Fellow in the Organised Crime and Policing team at RUSI. Her research covers a range of topics related to... read more