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British MPs want Hong Kong's Carrie Lam on Magnitsky hit list

In The News, 7 July 2020
Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, Sanctions
"We're almost moving towards a situation where we could have the Five Eyes issuing human rights sanctions designations in unison and with the EU joining, if and when a consensus can be reached between the remaining member states," Emil Dall, a senior research fellow at the think tank the Royal United Services Institute, said. "The real test for the UK is what comes next. If the UK is prepared to sanction human rights abusers in a small, less developed country, it must be equally prepared to do so against individuals in countries with whom it is negotiating free trade agreements," Dall said.

In The News

Emil Dall
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Financial Crime & Security Studies

Emil Dall is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Financial Crime & Security Studies at RUSI, where his research focuses on sanctions... read more