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The Impact of North Macedonia's Accession to NATO

Main Image Credit US Army soldiers from the KFOR peacekeeping force in Kosovo fire a 120mm mortar system at the Krivolak Training Area in North Macedonia, 2 August 2018. Use of the former Yugoslav military training site for large Allied exercises is one of several assets t

The road to NATO accession for the small Western Balkan country of North Macedonia has finally been opened following the settlement of a dispute with Greece concerning the country’s name. But what will North Macedonia be able to offer the Alliance, and why does NATO want to let in the newly renamed country?

As NATO celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, it is facing yet another enlargement. North Macedonia is on the cusp of becoming a member, bringing the number of Allies to 30. Accession is long overdue. The post-Yugoslav republic was a NATO frontrunner in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It should have joined in April 2009, along with Croatia and Albania. Unfortunately, North Macedonia had to wait an extra decade, as its entry fell prey to the so-called name dispute with

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