The Future of Research and Development in the UK’s Security and Intelligence Sector

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R&D continues to be a priority within the UK government's strategy to increase innovation within technology and knowledge-based industries. Can government engagement with the private sector be improved?

Ahead of the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review, this paper explores whether there are ways to improve engagement between government and investors operating in this sector, in order to ensure that R&D investment is strengthened, priority capabilities are understood by investors, and critical capabilities are sustained.

About the Authors

Charlie Edwards is Director of the National Security and Resilience Studies Group at RUSI. Charlie conducts a broad range of research and analysis on counter-terrorism, organised crime, cyber-security, and resilience in the UK and overseas. Prior to RUSI he was a Research Leader at the RAND Corporation and a Senior Civil Servant in the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (Home Office). He has undertaken extensive fieldwork in Europe, Middle East and East Africa.

Calum Jeffray is a Research Analyst within the National Security and Resilience Studies Group. His research interests include cyber-crime, the nature and impact of organised crime within the UK, and counter-violent extremism. Calum completed his MPhil in International Relations at the University of Cambridge, where his dissertation examined the role of international organisations in improving cyber-security. He also holds a first-class MA in French from the University of St Andrews.


Charlie Edwards

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Calum Jeffray

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