Reassessing the Financing of Terrorism in 2022 (RAFT22)

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This report details the discussions held at the RAFT22 conference.

The terrorist threat landscape in Europe has continued to evolve through the years, and with it the continent must re-examine its counterterrorism financing (CTF) strategy to effectively tackle shifting trends and emerging threats at the nexus of finance and security. At a critical time for European security, the EU is also increasing its attention on the weaponisation of illicit finance by rival states to undermine democracy, the relevant risks posed by new technologies, and the gap between policymaking and operational implementation. In this context, Project CRAAFT hosted its keystone conference, Reassessing the Financing of Terrorism in 2022 (RAFT22). RAFT22 brought together leading voices in the European counterterrorism effort, from EU policymakers and internal security leads to representatives of national law enforcement and prosecution agencies, and financial intelligence units (FIUs). Reflecting CRAAFT’s commitment to public–private partnership, RAFT22 secured the participation of representative from private financial and tech companies, as key actors in the CTF ecosystem. Distinguished speakers and energised discussions brought to the fore Europe’s vibrant CTF community and its commitment to collectively shaping an effective response to terrorism financing (TF). This report consolidates toplines from a series of panel discussions and one-on-one sessions with experts, which together covered the key areas necessary to comprehensively reassess the financing of terrorism in 2022.


Gonzalo Saiz

CFCS Research Analyst

Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies

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Stephen Reimer

Associate Fellow

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