Proliferation Financing Risk Assessment

This project assists governments and private sector actors in conducting a proliferation financing risk assessment.

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This project is an integral part of RUSI’s work on counter proliferation financing, which focuses on supporting governments and private sector industry globally to counter proliferation financing.

Many countries and private sector actors are embarking on the process of conducting risk assessments on proliferation financing for the first time. On this page you will find RUSI’s proliferation financing risk assessment methodology, risk assessment training videos, interactive exercises and commentaries to assist with and help inform this process.

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Proliferation Financing News

Aims and objectives

A risk assessment is a necessary precursor for an effective response to proliferation financing. The Financial Action Task Force, the global standard-setter on issues of financial crime, now require all its member states and private sector to conduct proliferation financing risk assessments, in order to better understand they are trying to detect and disrupt.

RUSI’s proliferation financing risk assessment methodology, published in 2019, has been used by several jurisdictions to inform their own national proliferation financing risk assessment processes. We have since produced several other key resources to help public authorities and private sector actors understand, analyse, and assess their proliferation financing risk.

Watch how to conduct a Proliferation Finance Risk Assessment

RUSI experts Emil Dall and Darya Dolzikova walk you through the RUSI methodology on conducting a Proliferation Finance Risk Assessment

Project outputs

Access tools and resource to help your organisation carry out proliferation finanacing risks assessments.

Guide to Conducting a National Proliferation Financing Risk Assessment

Proliferation Financing Risk Exercise

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: The Limits of New Standards on Assessing WMD Financing Risk

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Reflections on Assessing National Exposure to Proliferation Financing Risk


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