Mission and Values

RUSI's mission and values are underpinned by the ambition to build a more secure, equitable and stable world.

Our Mission Statement:

As an independent institution, we produce evidence-based research, publications and events on defence, security and international affairs to help build a safer UK and a more secure, equitable and stable world.

Our Purpose

We undertake research, encourage debate, and provide options on critical issues in national and international defence and security.

Our Position

We are proud of our history, traditions and Royal patronage. At the same time, we remain resolutely independent, offering robust scrutiny of policy from government and other institutions.

Our Perspective

Our primary focus is on UK defence, security and international affairs, and how to improve the safety of the UK and that of our partners in NATO and the European Union. We also highlight the importance of building global security and stability.

Our Activities

Our main activities are research, publications and events. We use these to develop and disseminate practical policy solutions to thorny challenges.

Our Vision

We aim to be a world-leading independent forum for informing and improving policy and public debate on defence, security and international affairs.

RUSI's Mission Statement and Bye-Laws

Read about the mission of the Institute and the bye-laws as submitted to the Council of Trustees and the Annual General Meeting in July 2021.

RUSI's Royal Charter

Read RUSI's Royal Charter dating from 1860 with amendments in 2016.


Continuity - Fulfilling our Charter and Mission

  • We abide by our charitable status and provide a public benefit.
  • We are respectful of our historical legacy while also looking to the future.

Thought Leadership and Independence - Staying ahead of change

  • We conduct original, evidence-based research on critical national and international defence and security issues.
  • We disseminate the results of our research to enhance the public debate and promote constructive policy options.
  • We are innovative, entrepreneurial, and agile in response to a fluid and evolving security environment.
  • We ensure financial and intellectual independence, as well as accountability and transparency of funding and activities.

Trust and Collaboration - Promoting an inclusive, trusted community

  • We maintain a reputation as an honest broker and trusted partner and engage a diverse network of people and ideas.
  • We honour our founding as a members’ institute, while also convening a wider network to encourage fresh thinking and inter-disciplinary approaches.
  • We develop young talent in the full range of our activities to ensure continuity of purpose.
  • We ensure a culture of respect, collaboration, professionalism, and compassion, inside and outside the Institute.
  • We demonstrate self-discipline in adherence to these values, while maintaining a sense of humility and humour.