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The decade after 9/11

Analysis of the fateful attacks that took place on 11 September 2001 and its ramifications.

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Patraeus - thumbnail RUSI Journal: Reflections on the Counter-Insurgency Era 14 Aug 2013
In his Chesney Gold Medal acceptance speech, David Petraeus argues that insurgency will remain a challenge to Western militaries, and so the lessons of the past decade will endure (Free Access) The decade after 9/11 Terrorism The War on Terror Counter-insurgency US Defence Policy Defence Policy United States Americas
Stokes - thumbnail RUSI Journal: Goodbye America? Transatlantic Grand Strategy after the Financial Crisis 14 Aug 2013 by Doug Stokes
The latest narratives of American decline may have been overblown: the US still enjoys compelling economic strengths that underpin its strategic advantages The decade after 9/11 Terrorism US Defence Policy Defence Policy United States Americas
Jnl 158 2 Warshawsky Thumb RUSI Journal: Trench Gascoigne Essay Prize Winner, 2012 - The Balance to be Found Between Civil Liberties and National Security 29 Apr 2013
Last year’s prize winning essay tackles the continuing difficulties of balancing civil liberties and national security Terrorism The decade after 9/11 Global Security Issues Domestic Security
201302 Jnl Trelawny thumbnail RUSI Journal: Maritime Security Beyond Military Operations: A Civilian Perspective 1 Mar 2013
Maritime security must be considered not just in terms of military strategy, but also from the perspective of the coastal states and the civil maritime sector that serves global trade Global Security Issues Maritime Forces The decade after 9/11 Terrorism
RUSI CREST RUSI Journal: Review Essay: Countering Terrorism is Not Enough 11 Dec 2012
Julian Lewis MP reviews Fighting the Ideological War: Winning Strategies from Communism to Islamism (edited by Katharine C Gorka and Patrick Sookhdeo) Terrorism Tackling Extremism International Responses Al-Qa'ida The War on Terror The decade after 9/11
British solider Basra RUSI Journal: The British Approach to COIN and Stabilisation: A Retrospective on Developments since 2001 6 Aug 2012
A key figure in the last decade of British counter-insurgency thought discusses the difficult and fraught process of doctrine generation Defence Policy Counter-insurgency The decade after 9/11 Terrorism Afghanistan Central and South Asia
NYT Bin Laden Headline Analysis: Bin Laden's Death, One Year On: Has the Threat Receded? 2 May 2012 by Valentina Soria
Osama Bin Laden's death has only marginally diminished the threat from Al-Qa'ida: underscoring the symbolic relevance, rather than the strategic significance of his demise. The challenge emanates from dispersed, unconnected networks and a pernicious ideology which - though marginalised in the Arab Spring - still has potency in certain dispossessed quarters. Terrorism The decade after 9/11 Al-Qa'ida
Foley_IC Reform RUSI Newsbrief: Planning Permission: US Intelligence Community Reform, 2001-11 23 Nov 2011
In the wake of 9/11, the US Intelligence Community came under unprecedented pressure to reform, yet this process has failed to understand and correct some of its most fundamental weaknesses. Terrorism The decade after 9/11 United States Americas
Khan_Aid and Losses RUSI Newsbrief: US Aid, Pakistani Losses and the War on Terror 23 Nov 2011
US economic and military aid to Pakistan has long been tied to its strategic objectives in the region, offering no ‘special treatment’ and leaving Pakistan’s economic situation increasingly unsustainable. The decade after 9/11 Terrorism The War on Terror Pakistan Central and South Asia United States Americas
Valentina Soria Analysis: No Dirty Wars on Terror: The Imperative of 'Ethical Intelligence' 12 Sep 2011 by Valentina Soria
Caught off guard in 9/11, intelligence agencies have had to increase their interaction with public opinion demanding more protection of their societies. With it has come an understanding that intelligence work should abide by better transparency and an agreed code of conduct. Terrorism The decade after 9/11
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