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RUSI Carries out Terrorism Research for Sky News

News, 18 December 2015
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RUSI's study found only one third of terror suspects arrested in the UK in 2014 were charged with a terrorism-related offence

RUSI has carried out research for Sky News on terrorism arrest figures in the UK. The findings show that out of 289 arrests in 2014, only 102 suspects (35 per cent) were subsequently charged with a terrorism-related offence.

Clare Ellis, Research Analyst in National Security and Resilience Studies at RUSI, told Sky News: 'We often hear both police and government quoting the arrests figure and they are right to do so, because it does highlight the level of policing activity and the level of resources that are required when countering this threat. But if you want to talk about the confirmed level of terrorist activity in the country, I think it is important to also look at those charge figures.'

RUSI’s research and analysis also appeared in The Guardian.

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*Header image courtesy of Lonpicman/Wikimedia Commons

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