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Acting, Doodling and Fighting: On the Front Line and the Road to Recovery for Armed Forces
22 November 2011

Ross Kemp and Bryn Parry, Co-Founder of Help for Heroes, in conversation with RUSI Director-General Michael Clarke about their relationship with the military and how the front line affects everyone who goes to it.

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Hollywood: Fantasy Wars and Real Wars

Jon Amiel Lecture

How does the film industry deal with war in the twenty-first century?

Jon Amiel, British film-maker and Dave Brown, President of Motion Picture and Literary at Hollywood Studios International, discussed their experiences in making films about war and in dealing with history at the first event in RUSI's initiative to look again at the changing relationship between contemporary conflict and modern western culture.

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Conflict, War and Culture

RUSI's new initiative will investigate the complex and evolving issues surrounding the interpretation and depiction of conflict across various cultural media.

RUSI has launched a new 'Conflict, War and Culture' initiative to look again at the changing relationship between contemporary conflict and modern Western culture. The worlds of the arts, media and the creative industries have traditionally reflected a wide range of attitudes towards war and conflict at any given time. They have an honourable tradition in doing so, one which will doubtless continue.

This programme aims to reach out to key figures in the world of the arts and media in order to structure the Institute's approach to the relationship between war and culture around these cutting-edge artists'perceptions. Using the personal insights of performers, artists and creators, RUSI wants to redefine the nature of the conflict and culture relationship for our society in the twenty-first century.

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Events at RUSI

Queen and Country: Art Fund research into commemoration in a modern society News: 10 Mar 2010
To conincide with hosting the installation Queen and Country by artist Steve McQueen, RUSI in partnership with The Art Fund held a discussion on Commemorating our Armed Forces: Remembrance in Modern Society.

Unveiling Ceremony of ‘The Herat Room’ News: 30 Sep 2008
Historic painting depicts key players of HQ ISAF IX, led by General Richards, in conference with the Afghan Minister of Defence, General Wardak, in December 2006.

Exhibition reviews

A British Way of Remembering Articles: 18 Oct 2010 by John Mackinlay
The uniform gravestones of British war cemeteries find an echo in Steve McQueen's 'Queen and Country'

Memoir of a War Artist Articles: 18 Oct 2010 by David Cotterell
The war artist has a special role to play in conveying the emotions and experiences of conflict

Art on the Frontlines Articles: 25 Jun 2008 by John Mackinlay
A review of the current exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, London.

Artists and War Articles: 18 Jun 2004 by John Mackinlay
The war on Iraq has seen a coming-of-age for the press, electronic and broadcast media. In this flood tide of imagery and opinion is there still a place for the artist?

Theatre reviews

Theatre Review: Black Watch Articles: 25 Oct 2006 by Owen Humphrys
A National Theatre of Scotland production. Written by Gregory Burke, Directed by John Tiffany. Currently touring Scotland and coming to London in 2007.


'This is Reality': Restrepo and the Depiction of War Articles: 16 Feb 2011 by Patrick Little
A new documentary vividly displays the lives of soldiers in conflict

Film review: Jarhead Articles: 13 Mar 2006 by Josh Moon
Film directed by Sam Mendes Based on the book by Anthony Swofford

The Fog of War Articles: 23 Apr 2004 by Douglas Hurd
REVEW OF The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons fromthe Life of Robert S McNamara A film by Errol Morris Columbia Tristar Films/Sony Pictures Classics

REVIEW: Control Room Articles: 23 Aug 2004 by John Mackinlay
Jehane Noujaim’s documentary film of the Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera during the Iraq War.

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