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India-Israel: A Robust Strategic Partnership

RUSI Newsbrief, 20 May 2010 By Brijesh Khemlani
In a state visit to Israel in February 2010, Indian Minister of State for Commerce and Industry Jyotiradithya Scindia hailed the relationship between India and Israel as a ‘relationship between two souls’, based on shared morals and principles. In return, Israeli President Shimon Peres offered complete co-operation in India’s war against terror, stating ‘India’s security is as important to Israel as its own’. A far cry from the early independence era, when a pro-Palestinian India was at the forefront of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), and snubbed Israel for being a tool of Western imperialism. Relations between the two estranged democracies have instead assumed a whole new dynamic in the post-Cold War period. Today, India and Israel have deepening strategic ties with full diplomatic relations, flourishing bilateral trade and robust military-to-military and intelligence co-operation.

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