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Are Cyber-Weapons Effective? Assessing Stuxnet's Impact on the Iranian Enrichment Programme

RUSI Journal, Apr 2013, Vol. 158, No. 2 By Ivanka Barzashka

When news of Stuxnet first emerged, many thought that it had caused a major setback to Iran’s uranium-enrichment programme. Ivanka Barzashka argues instead that while Stuxnet may have had the potential to seriously damage Iranian centrifuges, evidence of the worm’s impact is circumstantial and inconclusive. Her analysis of the related data shows that the 2009 version of Stuxnet was neither very effective nor well-timed and, in hindsight, may have been of net benefit to Tehran.

Jnl 158 2 Barzashka fade

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Further Analysis: Cyber, Technology, Iran, Middle East and North Africa, Israel, United States, Americas, Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy, Global Security Issues

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