Achieving the Global Maritime Partnership: Operational Needs and Technical Realities

RUSI Defence Systems, 15 Jun 2007 By George Galdorisi and Darren Sutton
Global Maritime Partnership RDS Jun 07
George Galdorisi, after a 30-year career as a naval aviator, is Director of the Decision Support Group at SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego; Darren Sutton is the Head Strategic Directions, Maritime Operations Division in Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Organisation and has served as an Exchange Scientist at the US Navy’s Warfare Development Command. The Global Maritime Partnership Initiative (originally ‘The 1000-Ship Navy’) has been enshrined as a key tenet of United States naval policy, and has the support of many allied navies. The policy is already informing requirements of the US Navy and these allied navies and is beginning to influence the respective navy science and engineering communities in developing the required analytical validation such that networking enhances warfighting effectiveness. One vehicle for such multilateral analysis – The Technical Cooperation Program – has a team working on just such issues.

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