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Maximising European Combat Air Power: Unlocking the Eurofighter's Full Potential

Justin Bronk
Whitehall Reports, 27 April 2015
Aerospace, Military Sciences, Equipment and Acquisitions
The Eurofighter Typhoon is likely to remain the backbone of European combat air capability for many years. With the right upgrades, it could remain combat effective throughout this lifetime

Europe’s potential military rivals are developing modern aircraft which will out-class many of Europe’s current, legacy platforms. The F-35 was intended to be part of the solution; however, the programme has faced delays and escalating costs. Given these and challenging fiscal conditions, European states could consider how the Eurofighter Typhoon can bridge the gap until the widespread adoption of fifth-generation aircraft.

Maximising European Combat Air Power examines the potential of the Eurofighter to meet Europe’s air-power needs. The report draws on first-hand research to provide a thorough analysis of the Eurofighter’s existing strengths as well as the upgrades that would be required to ensure its future viability. With sensible investments, the Eurofighter could continue to be an effective asset in Europe’s air forces and complement new aircraft as they become available.

About the Author

Justin Bronk is a research analyst specialising in air power and technology in the Military Sciences team at RUSI. 

Justin Bronk
Research Fellow, Airpower and Technology

Justin Bronk is the Research Fellow for Airpower and Technology in the Military Sciences team at RUSI. He is also Editor of the... read more

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