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If the Bombs Go: European Perspectives on NATO’s Nuclear Debate

Edited by Malcolm Chalmers and Andrew Somerville
Whitehall Reports, 25 May 2011
Proliferation and Nuclear Policy, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy
US tactical nuclear weapons may be heading out of Europe. What are the implications?

What happens if US nuclear weapons are removed from Europe? This Whitehall Report examines how NATO’s numerous internal and external assurance and deterrence relationships might be altered. NATO is now undergoing a Defence and Deterrence Posture Review (DDPR), which is likely to include consideration of the role of the remaining US non-strategic nuclear weapons (NSNW) stationed in Europe. A number of studies have focused on the possible effects that further withdrawals of these weapons might have on deterrence and arms control, and have suggested a range of options for consideration by NATO. This report is intended to complement these discussions by analysing the issues that could arise if the US nuclear weapons were removed.

The seven authors of these papers were commissioned by RUSI to examine how NATO's numerous internal and external assurance and deterrence relationships might be altered, including potential developments of nuclear consultation, contingency plans and missile defence infrastructure to address the security needs of NATO members. The authors, from France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey and the UK, were also asked to pay particular attention to how key officials and opinion-formers in their own country or region.

Including chapter contributions by Malcolm Chalmers, Bruno Tertrais, Tomas Valasek, Jacek Durkalec, Mustafa Kibaroglu, Oliver Thränert and Nikolai Sokov.

Malcolm Chalmers
Deputy Director-General

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