Security in the Caucasus: Enhancing Cooperation with European Security Architectures

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In collaboration with The European Azerbaijan Society, RUSI held a roundtable conference entitled ‘Security in the Caucasus: Enhancing Cooperation with European Security Architectures’ on 17 September 2009.  

Project Focus

The conference sought to provide Whitehall-based participants with an updated perspective on Caucasus regional security issues, encourage a comprehensive approach amongst EU, OSCE and NATO members towards the region, and above all, showcase the lead taken by countries in the South Caucasus on many of the region’s political issues.

Convening a high level group of ministers, Lords, MPs, Ambassadors and political observers, discussants included ministerial representatives from the South Caucasus countries such as Ambassador Vaqif Sadikhov, Azerbaijan’s Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, and David Jalagania, Georgia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. Widening the scope for debate, the regional and international dimensions were then provided by Ambassador Unal Cevikov, Turkish Deputy Undersecretary for Political Affairs, as well as senior officials from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the European Union, NATO and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Conference Programme

Welcomes by Sir Paul Lever, RUSI Council Member and Tale Heydarov, Chairman of The European Azerbaijan Society

Session One: Prospects for Peace in the Region’s Unsettled Conflicts

Chairman: Sir Paul Lever, RUSI Council Member

Ambassador Vaqif Sadikhov, Azerbaijan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
David Jalagania, Georgian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Michael Davenport, Director of the Russian, South Caucasus and Central Asia Region, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Session Two: The Caucasus Security Environment – Regional and International Dynamics

Chairman: Jonathan Eyal, Director of International Security Studies, RUSI

Ambassador Ünal Çeviköz, Turkish Deputy Undersecretary for Political Affairs
Lawrence Sheets, Tbilisi Project Director, International Crisis Group

Session Three: Making sense of European Security Interests in the Caucasus

Chairman: Alastair Cameron, Head European Security Programme, RUSI

Peter Semneby, EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus
Goran Lennmarker, OCSE PA Special representative to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
Lorenz Meyer-Minneman, NATO Euro-Atlantic Integration and Partnership Directorate

Session Four: Energy Security – Challenges and Opportunities

Chairman: Kelvin Beer Jones, Member of RUSI

Roland Kobia, Member of Cabinet of the EU Energy Commissioner
John Roberts, Energy Security Specialist, Platts 

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