RUSI Welcomes New Senior Associate Fellows

We are delighted to welcome new additions to RUSI's network of expert Associate Fellows. Their experience and expertise will continue to enhance RUSI's world-class research.

Major General Mungo Melvin 2
Major General Mungo Melvin retired from the British Army in December 2011. A prolific author, he has been instrumental in developing the UK's strategic defence policy and was director of the Strategic Studies Cell at the Royal College of Defence Studies.

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Colonel Richard KempColonel Richard Kemp retired from the British Army in 2006. He worked in the Joint Intelligence Organisation in the Cabinet Office between 2002 and 2006. In 2003 he was Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan.

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Nicholas BeadleNicholas Beadle is a former Private Secretary to successive Defence Secretaries and a cross-Whitehall senior advisor on policy for operations. His final post before retiring from the Civil Service was in the National Security Secretariat on the Government's response to the Libya uprising.

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Welcoming the new experts to RUSI, Director General Professor Michael Clarke said:

"The core of all RUSI's work is built around those analyses the Institute can bring to bear on contemporary defence and security issues.  It is excellent that Nick Beadle, Mungo Melvin and Richard Kemp have joined as Senior Associate Fellows to add their governmental and military experience and their unmatched analytical powers to our store of expertise.  These people have both been defence and security policy-makers in their own right and have a proven record in analysing the policy world.  They will bring enormous benefits to all aspects of RUSI's work and presence in the world."

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