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The Slovenian Navy's Triglav, July 2010. Courtesy of Marko Pišlar/MORS

What are Governments in Central and Eastern Europe not Buying with their Defence Budgets? The Readiness Clue

Thomas-Durell Young
RUSI Journal, 31 May 2019
Defence Management, Defence Policy, Europe
To bolster the readiness of their forces, Central and Eastern European countries will need to modernise budgetary and organisational practices.

This article examines why readiness has not been accepted as a critical element of defence governance by defence institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. Thomas-Durell Young presents a survey of known instances of readiness under-performance, based on an analysis of publicly available information, to create a macro view of the problem, grouped by services across the region to facilitate comparability. He highlights cases of success and identifies the factors which contributed to such outcomes to learn lessons which can be replicated elsewhere. Finally, in order to provide a degree of continuity and context, the Slovenian armed forces are examined in each category.

BANNER IMAGE: The Slovenian Navy's Triglav, July 2010. Courtesy of Marko Pišlar/MORS

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