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Rudolf Schuster, Ivan Gašparovič and Andrej Kiska bowing their heads at a formal commemoration. Courtesy of PA Images/Ondrej Deml

‘The Unsolid’ Pro-Kremlin Narratives in Slovak Cultural and Educational Institutions

Veronika Golianová and Aliaksei Kazharski
RUSI Journal, 14 August 2020
Russia, Art, Culture and Literature, Information, Europe
Pro-Russian sentiments can be found in a number of Slovakia's leading cultural and educational institutions.

This article attempts to map the influence of pro-Kremlin narratives on the Slovak cultural and educational landscape. Veronika Golianová and Aliaksei Kazharski enhance the understanding of pro-Kremlin activities by situating them in their broader political, cultural and historical context. Grasping this context is crucial to understanding why particular discursive strategies are selected and how they are adapted to the respective domestic audiences.

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