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Courtesy of Ben Birchall/PA Images

Reflecting on the Experiences of Bereaved Military Families in the Coroner’s Court

Nicola Lester
RUSI Journal, 25 September 2019
The coronial process places considerable pressure on bereaved military families.

The practice of repatriating UK personnel killed during military operations means that the death of service personnel falls within the jurisdiction of the UK legal system, which requires that an inquest be conducted. The coroner’s inquiry is a potential source of stress and trauma for bereaved families. However, recent scholarship has highlighted that the inquest process may have a positive effect on families’ wellbeing and assist with the process of meaning-making following traumatic loss. Nicola Lester highlights the importance of understanding the experiences of bereaved military families, and the need to learn lessons and establish recommendations for future practice in this area.

BANNER IMAGE: Mourners during the repatriation procession of three UK soldiers killed in southern Afghanistan. Courtesy of Ben Birchall/PA Images

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