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Armed men believed to be Russian soldiers march outside the base of the 36th Separate Coast Guard Brigade of the Ukrainian Naval Forces in Perevalne village, Crimea. Courtesy of Shemetas Arvidas/Ukrinform via ZUMA Wire

NATO, Russia and Private Military and Security Companies: Looking into the Dark Reflection

Christopher Spearin
RUSI Journal, 8 August 2018
NATO, Russia
The Atlantic Alliance should update its approach in light of Russia’s recent use of private military and security companies.

In this article, Christopher Spearin examines Russian private military and security companies (PMSCs) operating in the so-called ‘grey zone’ and highlights their offensive character. Regarding a potential NATO response, the article contends that advancing an international normative stance such that PMSC employment should be viewed in an undeniable and defensive manner would be a positive approach.

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